Imagine exchanging vows in a breathtaking location surrounded by stunning natural beauty — this is the allure of destination weddings. But what’s the best destination wedding location? No place stands out quite like Lake Tahoe in the United States. Choosing a destination wedding venue in Tahoe with crystal-clear waters and majestic mountain views will create an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. 

Where Are the Best Places for Destination Weddings?

All the best locations for destination weddings have a few things in common. They offer breathtaking natural beauty, accessibility for guests, a range of versatile venues, excellent weather conditions, and a host of local amenities and activities to enhance the overall experience. A rich cultural backdrop and exceptional service providers can also make the planning process smoother and the event more memorable.

Lake Tahoe checks all the boxes as one of the best destination wedding locations in the U.S.

  • Stunning: Lake Tahoe is absolutely beautiful in every season — from snow-capped mountains in the spring to golden foliage in the fall — making it a versatile and picturesque destination for weddings year-round.
  • Accessible: It’s conveniently accessible from major cities such as San Francisco, Sacramento, and Reno, with ample local transportation options for guests.
  • Versatile: The area offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to both large weddings and intimate gatherings, creating the perfect setting for any wedding style.
  • Fun: A plethora of recreational activities, such as skiing, boating, and hiking, along with luxurious accommodations and dining options, ensure a complete experience for guests.
  • Charming: The area is steeped in history and vibrant local culture, adding a unique charm to wedding celebrations — especially in North Lake Tahoe, where our venue is nestled along the lake.
  • Professional: Access to top-notch wedding vendors — coordinators, photographers, florists, and other professionals — means your destination wedding can go off without a hitch. 

How To Pick a Destination Wedding Location

While a Lake Tahoe destination wedding is amazing, it’s actually not for everyone! There are a few considerations you need to think about when picking the right location for your celebration. Here’s how to decide where to have a destination wedding.

Step 1: Research Potential Locations

Start by researching destinations that appeal to you. Consider factors such as climate, scenery, and available amenities. Look into popular wedding destinations and read reviews from couples who have married there.

(Check out our five-star reviews from tons of happy couples.)

Step 2: Consider Your Budget

Analyze your budget carefully. Determine how much you can spend on the venue, travel, accommodations, and other wedding-related expenses. This will help you narrow down your options to locations within your financial reach.

(Want to have a budget-friendly yet elevated wedding in Lake Tahoe? Read this.)

Step 3: Assess Accessibility

Think about how easy it will be for your guests to travel to the location. Look for places with major airports and good local transportation. Easy access will encourage more guests to attend your wedding.

(Or consider having a micro wedding.)

Step 4: Visit in Person if You Can

If possible, visit your shortlisted locations in person. Seeing some venues and the surrounding area firsthand can give you a better sense of whether it aligns with your wedding vision. It also allows you to meet local vendors and ask questions. 

(Want to tour North Tahoe Event Center? Come for a visit! We would love to show you around our stunning venue.)

Step 5: Check the Weather and Seasonality

Research the typical weather conditions for your desired wedding date. Make sure the weather will be suitable for your planned activities. Avoid regions prone to extreme weather during your wedding season. 

(That is, unless you’re going for a winter wonderland wedding, then definitely plan for a winter wedding in Lake Tahoe!)

Step 6: Evaluate Venue Options and Availability

Look into the variety of venues available at each location. Make sure they fit your style and guest count. And especially check for availability on your preferred dates! Popular destination wedding venues can book up quickly. 

(Unlike some venues in Tahoe, North Tahoe Event Center is open year-round — and you can save on booking costs during the off-season. Learn more!)

Step 7: Understand Local Laws and Regulations

Each location has different legal requirements for weddings. Make sure you understand these and that they are manageable. This includes knowing the marriage license rules, necessary documentation, and any waiting periods. 

(Learn how to get married in Lake Tahoe.)

Step 8: Consider Local Attractions and Activities

Choose a location that offers plenty of activities and attractions for your guests. This makes their trip more enjoyable and can be part of your wedding festivities, like group outings or tours. 

(Thinking about going all-in with a destination adventure wedding? We’ve got planning tips to help bring this idea to life!)

Step 9: Analyze the Guest Experience

Think about what your guests will experience from arrival to departure. A location with comfortable accommodations, good food, and friendly service will make them feel appreciated and enhance your wedding’s success.

(We’ve got ways to keep the celebration lively!)

Step 10: Review Safety and Health Considerations

Safety is crucial. Research the safety of each location, including any travel advisories and health risks. Make sure there are accessible medical facilities. A safe environment ensures a worry-free celebration.

(Elevation sickness in Lake Tahoe is real — we can help you communicate to your guests how to stay safe!)

By following these steps, you can choose the best destination wedding location that matches your vision and provides an unforgettable experience for you and your guests. If that’s in Lake Tahoe, we’d love to help you plan your destination wedding!

Celebrate Your Love With a Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding

If you’re searching for the best destination wedding locations in the U.S., look no further than Lake Tahoe. If you’re searching for the best destination wedding venue in Tahoe, look no further than North Tahoe Event Center!

Our premier venue offers breathtaking lake views, versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, and exceptional service to make your special day unforgettable. Whether you envision an intimate lakeside ceremony or a grand celebration, North Tahoe Event Center provides the perfect setting for a wedding that will be cherished for a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about getting married at the best destination wedding location in the U.S. 

*Some photos were taken at Sand Harbor State Park, which is located 10 miles east of North Tahoe Event Center, offering another excellent photo opportunity for your destination wedding!