How to make a wedding fun, fun wedding ceremony ideas, fun wedding reception ideas

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Are you wondering how to make a wedding fun? Nobody wants a boring wedding, but it can be challenging to come up with unique wedding ideas when there’s so much to plan. That’s where we come in! With our large, customizable wedding space at North Tahoe Event Center, we have seen some fantastic wedding activity ideas and want to share them with you. Keep reading for fun wedding ceremony ideas and a few unconventional wedding reception ideas that will make your Lake Tahoe wedding lively and exciting!

4 Fun Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

You might think there aren’t as many fun activities at weddings when it comes to the ceremony. However, while the ceremony is meant to be intentional and intimate, there are still ways to spice it up. Here are four fun wedding ceremony ideas to help liven up the start of your special day.

1. Give Your Guests Little Gifts

Whether sunglasses for a warm summer day or a blanket on the back of their chair for a chilly outdoor wedding, providing amenities is a lovely and fun wedding ceremony idea. Personalized fans with fun facts about the couple can help cool down guests in the heat of a Tahoe summer, while pocket warmers are perfect for keeping guests cozy during a winter wedding. These customized take-home items are practical, fun, and can double as your wedding favors to save money.

2. Consider a Non-Traditional “Flower Girl”

If you’re wondering how to make a wedding fun, this is a great option to spice things up. We’ve seen it all at this point–from a “flower granny” who tossed petals at guests rather than the aisle to a “flower college buddy” who wore a flower crown and threw petals in the air while sipping on a beer. The flower girl is a great tradition to add a twist to and incorporate someone you care about into your ceremony.

3. Have a Friend or Family Member Officiate

A fun wedding ceremony idea is to have someone you know officiate your wedding. They can share personal stories, funny jokes, or experiences, making the ceremony more engaging and enjoyable. When choosing a friend or family member to officiate, be sure to select someone who is responsible, a good storyteller, and comfortable speaking in front of a crowd. This will ensure your ceremony runs smoothly, provides lots of laughs, and is intimate and personal.

4. Choose a Beautiful Backdrop

Considering how to make a wedding fun can look a variety of ways. One fun wedding ceremony idea is to have an altar with a view. Not that the newlyweds aren’t beautiful enough themselves, but an exciting location with a stunning view is a great way to make the moment picturesque. For example, a Lake Tahoe beach wedding with spectacular mountain views in the background will liven up your ceremony and create a fun atmosphere for you and your guests. 

How to make a wedding fun, fun wedding ceremony ideas, fun wedding reception ideas

Photo Credit: Elsa Boscarello

4 Fun Wedding Reception Ideas for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

When it comes to fun and unconventional wedding reception ideas, we’ve got you covered! While there are many ways to incorporate fun activities at weddings, here are a few of our favorites. 

1. Plan a Funky Wedding Party Entrance

We’ve all seen the wedding party dance entrance videos that leave us laughing or cringing–but no one can deny it’s a fun wedding reception idea. If dancing isn’t your style, consider other out-of-the-box actions your wedding party can do to liven up the room. This can be a silly handshake, miming a fun activity, or just making a huge deal when you and your spouse enter the room. Either way, this type of wedding party entrance brightens up the room and creates a fun and exciting environment for the start of your wedding reception. 

2. Incorporate Games and Activities

If you’re having a Lake Tahoe wedding, a fun wedding ceremony idea is providing outdoor lawn games for your guests! Everyone wants to spend time outside, enjoying the beautiful weather and view of the lake, so why not incorporate some cornhole or bocce ball? Remember, not everyone likes to dance, so having alternative activities like darts or trivia are great options to keep all your guests involved. 

3. Get Creative with Your Menu

Traditional wedding catering is delicious, but reinventing your wedding menu is a great place to start if you’re looking for fun wedding reception ideas. Consider incorporating your and your partner’s favorite foods or a cocktail menu with your favorite drinks. Another idea is to provide a bit of everything–offering different finger foods to appease every palate. Don’t forget to end the night with something sweet. Keep it interesting with wedding cake alternatives, like ice cream from a local shop or a dessert bar with a variety of treats.

4. Create the Ultimate Dance Party

A big highlight of most wedding receptions is the dance party to end the event with a bang! A fun wedding reception idea to make this dance party come to life is allowing your guests to make song recommendations when they RSVP. This enables you to screen songs and add them to your dance party playlist for the big night. Guests will be excited to hear the songs they’ve chosen, and they’ll have no excuse not to get up and dance with you.

How to make a wedding fun, fun wedding ceremony ideas, fun wedding reception ideas

Photo Credit: Elsa Boscarello

How to Make a Wedding Fun at North Tahoe Event Center

Choosing the best Lake Tahoe wedding venue is key to making your wedding fun! At North Tahoe Event Center, our ceremony and reception areas are customizable and spacious so that you can add a dash of fun to your celebration. For example, our outdoor space is great for lawn games during cocktail hour, our patio can fit cozy furniture and firepits to keep your guests warm, and our indoor space has the perfect layout for a big dance floor to get groovy on. North Tahoe Event Center can accommodate whatever ways you choose to liven up your wedding! Want to learn more? Fill out our contact form today to talk with our venue coordinator about planning your wedding at North Tahoe Event Center.