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Micro weddings gained a lot of attention in 2020, so much so that large weddings kind of got pushed to the back burner. But now they’re coming back in full force. What’s considered a large wedding? We’re sharing all the details, including how to plan a 200-person wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Large Weddings FAQs

Planning a large wedding comes with its own set of questions and challenges. Here’s a quick look at some frequently asked questions that can help you navigate the details of organizing a big celebration.

What’s Considered a Large Wedding?

A large wedding usually means you’re inviting 200 wedding guests (or more). This size wedding allows for a grand celebration, often with an extensive guest list that includes not just close family and friends but extended relatives, colleagues, and acquaintances. Large weddings require a lot of planning, a sizable venue to accommodate all the guests comfortably, and a bigger budget to cover the costs of catering, entertainment, and decor for a larger crowd.

What's considered a large wedding in Lake Tahoe

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What Does a 200-Person Wedding Look Like?

A 200-person wedding is elegant and bustling, crafted to create lasting memories for everyone involved. Here’s a snapshot of what it entails: 

  • Venue: Large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably, often in grand ballrooms, sprawling outdoor locations, or spacious event centers (like North Tahoe Event Center).
  • Seating Arrangement: Thoughtfully organized tables to foster social interaction and ensure everyone has a great view of the festivities.
  • Catering: A wide variety of food and drink options to please different palates, often served buffet style or as a sit-down dinner with multiple courses.
  • Entertainment: Professional entertainment, such as live bands or DJs, that keeps the party lively and caters to various musical tastes.
  • Decorations: Extensive decorations, including floral arrangements, ambient lighting, and personalized touches that reflect the couple’s style.

Essentially, a 200-person wedding is what you make it. You can go grand and extravagant, but you can also have a large wedding on a budget. It all comes down to the guest list size.

What does a 200-person wedding look like, Wedding with 200 guests

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How Much Would It Cost To Feed 200 Guests?

One of the biggest considerations when deciding whether to have a wedding with 200 guests is the catering cost. Typically, catering services bill on a per-plate basis, which means you pay a set price for each guest’s meal. The average cost per plate can range significantly, but to give a ballpark figure, couples might expect to spend anywhere from $30 to $100+ per person. This range accounts for everything from a basic buffet to a more elaborate sit-down dinner with multiple courses.

Factors such as the type of food served, whether alcohol is included, and the level of service (buffet vs. plated meals, for example) can all affect the final cost. For a wedding with 200 guests, this means the catering bill alone can range from $6,000 to $20,000 or beyond. To get a more accurate estimate, it’s best to consult with several caterers in your area and discuss your vision for the wedding meal.

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10 Tips For Planning a 200-Person Wedding in Lake Tahoe

Planning a 200-person wedding in Lake Tahoe will take some extra time but can be enjoyable. To ensure your big day is both magical and smoothly executed, here are ten essential tips to consider.

1. Start Early

The key to planning a large wedding is giving yourself enough time. For a 200-person event in Lake Tahoe, start at least 12 to 18 months in advance. This allows you to book your preferred vendors and venues, which can fill up quickly in such a sought-after location. Early planning also gives guests ample time to make travel arrangements.

2. Finding a Wedding Venue for 200 Guests

Finding a wedding venue for 200 guests within your budget can start to get tricky. Fortunately, at North Tahoe Event Center, we can comfortably accommodate large weddings. Located right by the lake, our space offers stunning views and versatile rooms for both your ceremony and reception. We can cater to large groups with ease, providing a picturesque backdrop for your special day. 

3. Budget Accordingly

A larger wedding means a larger budget — there’s just no way around it. Allocate funds for important elements like the venue, catering, and entertainment first. Don’t forget to include a contingency fund for unexpected expenses. Costs for Lake Tahoe weddings can really vary based on the season and the specific services you’re after, so make sure you do your homework to get the best deals possible.

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4. Hire a Local Wedding Planner

A local planner who’s familiar with Lake Tahoe’s wedding industry can be your hero. They’ll have connections to the best vendors and insights into the logistics of planning a large wedding in the area, including permits that might be required for certain locations.

5. Consider Guest Accommodations Early

With 200 wedding guests, securing accommodations can be tricky, especially in a resort area like Lake Tahoe. Look into hotel blocks early and provide a list of options at different price points. At North Tahoe Event Center, we’re located perfectly with ample lodging options, as well as tons of vacation rental homes, making it easy for guests to get to the venue.

6. Plan for Transportation

Think about how your guests will get to and from your wedding events. Organizing shuttles or buses can help make sure everyone enjoys the celebration without worrying about navigation or parking, which is especially important for venues with limited parking space.

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7. Personalize Your Wedding

With a large wedding, adding personal touches can make each guest feel special. Consider personalized welcome bags, unique favors, or interactive stations at your reception that reflect who you are as a couple.

8. Optimize Your Menu

Catering for a 200-person wedding requires careful planning. Work with your caterer to create a menu that’s not only delicious but also efficient for serving large numbers. Buffets or family-style meals can be more manageable for big groups.

9. Entertainment That Engages Everyone

Choose entertainment that appeals to all your guests. A mix of music genres, interactive experiences like photo booths, or even outdoor games (if your venue permits) can keep guests of all ages entertained.

10. Communicate Clearly with Vendors

Clear communication with your vendors is super important for a seamless event. Ensure they are aware of the size and scope of your wedding, and confirm all details in writing. Regular check-ins as your wedding date approaches can help avoid any last-minute surprises.

Need a Space To Host 200 Wedding Guests in Lake Tahoe?

If you’re searching for Lake Tahoe wedding venues for 200 guests, your search can stop here at North Tahoe Event Center. Our Timberline Room has the capacity to welcome up to 200 guests and offers a warm and inviting space for your reception following an unforgettable ceremony on our Beachfront Terrace.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create the wedding of your dreams in a location that promises both beauty and functionality. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and book a tour to see the space in person. Your perfect large wedding awaits!