Lake Tahoe Flowers for Wedding Decorations

Using floral wedding decorations at your Lake Tahoe wedding can bring elegance, sophistication, and beauty to your day. Blossoms and foliage can be used to decorate the aisle, wedding arch, entryways, dance floor, chairs, tables, backdrops, and much more to enhance the overall look and feel of your venue. 

You can also use floral wedding decor for centerpieces and add flowing garden-style garlands against walls or staircases to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Keep reading to learn how to use flowers for wedding decorations in a memorable and beautiful way.

6 Places to Use Wedding Flowers Decorations at Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Do you want to know how to make your wedding venue come to life with floral wedding decor? Here are our six favorite ways to use flowers for wedding decorations on your big day.

1. Wedding Flowers for Bouquets

The most common recipients of flowers for wedding decorations are the wedding party and family members. You can use floral arrangements for boutonnieres and bouquets for those in the wedding to unify everyone visually. 

Depending on budget and preference, you may even give flowers to out-of-town guests or close family members, providing a thoughtful gesture that can last long after the event. Ultimately, taking advantage of wedding flowers for bouquets is an excellent way to add a personal touch to the day.

2. Wedding Flowers for Ceremony Aisle

Wedding flower decorations are an essential ceremony aisle element. Blooms arranged along the aisle on the ground or next to chairs will create a romantic and beautiful atmosphere for the occasion. Flowers for wedding decoration play a large part in creating a stunning visual effect throughout your special event.

Lake Tahoe Floral Wedding Decorations

3. Wedding Flowers for Arch

Your wedding arch provides a central statement piece where you’ll say your “I dos.” So what better way to make the arch stunning than with floral wedding decorations? To add texture and depth, you can mix in greenery, flowers such as eucalyptus, and other accent elements across the arch. With the right floral design, your wedding flowers for the arch can become a show-stopping centerpiece!

4. Wedding Cake Flowers

Bring floral decorations into your reception with a wedding cake adorned with flowers. With today’s options for edible flower varieties and their availability year-round, you can easily express yourself through carefully crafted flower designs on your wedding cake. 

Whether you choose realistic-looking sugar flowers or try something more abstract and innovative, everyone will appreciate the artistry that went into creating this delicious centerpiece for your special day. So get creative and let your wedding cake flowers speak for themselves as a lasting reminder of your love!

Lake Tahoe Floral Wedding Decorations

5. Wedding Flowers Centerpieces

The perfect wedding needs the perfect centerpieces, and nothing sets the mood quite like gorgeous floral wedding decor. From elegant, tall lilies to fun, colorful wildflowers, integrating flower arrangements into your centerpieces can create a romantic ambiance that impresses your guests. It’s worth choosing a display that reflects what is meaningful to you and your partner for your wedding flower centerpieces. You can even use the centerpieces as favors for guests to take home. 

6. Wedding Flowers for Hair 

Wedding flowers for hair can be the perfect way to add a dose of whimsy and romance to your wedding day look. These little floral touches will enhance your bridal style, whether you opt for a minimalist design or something more ornate and full. Of course, fresh blossoms will not last forever, but when complemented with faux blooms, they can make for long-lasting, eye-catching floral wedding decor on your special day.

Lake Tahoe Floral Wedding Decor

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Flower prices vary depending on the type and quality of blooms you choose, but most couples spend around 10% of their wedding budget on flowers. A typical wedding will require 8-10 centerpieces, 1 bouquet, 1 boutonniere, and several dozen stems of flowers for wedding decorations–all of which can add up quickly! 

While you can have beautiful wedding flower decorations on a budget, you may choose to splurge on floral wedding decor if the little details matter to you. Do your research and get estimates from Lake Tahoe floral designers to determine what is realistic for your budget. 

What are the Best Types of Flowers for Wedding Decorations?

When narrowing down your search for the perfect floral wedding decorations, consider choosing flowers that reflect the tone, style, theme, and vibe of your celebration. For example, the season can help guide your selection, as well as whether you’re having an indoor wedding in Lake Tahoe or an outdoor Tahoe bash

Springtime weddings typically call for vibrant blooms with lots of colors, while white blossoms and greenery are better suited for winter celebrations. Considering a specific theme or color palette can also help you choose what type of wedding flower decorations would work best. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Boho chic wedding: pampas grass, terracotta seeded eucalyptus, Sahara roses
  • Classic ballroom wedding: white roses, classic eucalyptus, genista
  • Country wedding: sunflowers, daisies, baby’s breath
  • Rustic wedding: cascading greens, olive fruit buds, burgundy orchid
  • Tropical wedding: monstera leaves, birds of paradise, pink hibiscus

Turn North Tahoe Event Center into a Floral Fairy Tale with Wedding Flowers Decorations

The possibilities for floral wedding decorations are endless at North Tahoe Event Center. From cascading centerpieces to breathtaking bouquets, we’ll help you transform our space into your Lake Tahoe dream wedding–a memory that will last a lifetime. We encourage you to complete our contact form to schedule a tour. Come visit our venue and dream of all the ways to use flowers for wedding decorations in our beautiful space!