Are you a snow lover looking for the perfect destination for a winter wonderland wedding? Look no further than Lake Tahoe! This beautiful location offers incredible mountain views, fantastic ski resorts, the most stunning blue lake, and some of the best winter wedding venues in the United States. Planning your Lake Tahoe winter wedding can have its challenges, but we are here to help, whether you’re curious about the best winter wedding venues in Lake Tahoe or how to navigate tricky weather conditions. Read on to learn how to plan the perfect Tahoe winter wedding.

Lake Tahoe Winter Wedding Planning FAQs

If you’re considering a Lake Tahoe winter wedding, you surely have questions and curiosities about how to make this event a reality. Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions and tips for making the most of your Lake Tahoe winter wedding.

Is it Cheaper to Have a Wedding in Winter?

The short answer is yes! While winter in Lake Tahoe is popular for skiing, snowboarding, and other snow sports, it’s not the most popular time for a wedding. This means winter wedding venues in Lake Tahoe will be less expensive, hotels and other accommodations less crowded, and guest activities just as fun. Plus, Lake Tahoe winter wedding venues like North Tahoe Event Center typically offer packages for at least $1000 off during the colder months. This means you can save more on Tahoe winter wedding venues and use those funds for a tropical vacation to warm up afterward!

What is the Best Month for a Winter Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

While Tahoe weather is unpredictable, there are some tips and tricks to know when booking your winter wedding venue in Lake Tahoe. A higher volume of snow typically comes in mid-November. So, planning your Lake Tahoe winter wedding for the end of November or the beginning of December would provide you with a beautiful snowscape but slightly warmer days. If you want to go all out and plan your wedding for the snowiest months, December and January reach temps in the low 40s during the day and often up to 12 inches of snow. Another great month to plan your Tahoe winter wedding is in February. While there is still quite a bit of snow, the days are starting to warm up, and there is less chance of intense snow storms that could impact your wedding day plans. 

Is a Tahoe Winter Wedding a Good Idea?

It depends on your wedding vision! If you are a winter lover, there is no better place for a beautiful, snowy wedding day. The lake looks icy blue, and the snow-capped mountains make the most stunning backdrop for a Tahoe winter wedding. You may even consider hitting the slopes and spending a day at a ski lodge with your wedding party to celebrate your big day.

On the other hand, if you’re worried about travel for your guests due to occasional snow storms or icy roads being an issue, a winter wedding may not be for you. Fortunately, there are incredible Lake Tahoe winter wedding venues and vendors who are more than happy to help problem shoot, so things run smoothly for your event.

Lake Tahoe Winter Wedding Planning Tips

If you decide a winter wedding is a dream come true, follow these tips to ensure you have an unforgettable Tahoe winter wedding celebration.

1. Choose an Indoor or Indoor-Outdoor Wedding Venue

Don’t make your guests suffer through a cold outdoor ceremony and reception! If you want to get married with the snow-capped mountains as the backdrop, consider choosing a venue with an outdoor ceremony space but an indoor reception area. At North Tahoe Event Center, we offer a lakefront ceremony venue to be one with nature during your wedding and cozy indoor spaces to warm up while you enjoy your beautiful reception.

2. Plan for a Snowstorm

While a snowstorm may sound like it makes for a dreamy, blizzardy Lake Tahoe winter wedding, the reality is a bit less enjoyable. Depending on how bad the storm gets, roads may be closed, flights could be canceled, your venue might not be accessible, or there could be a city-wide power outage. Knowing what you’ll do if this happens can help salvage your Tahoe winter wedding in case of a storm. Talk to your Lake Tahoe winter wedding venue and vendors to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands expectations for refunds, rescheduling, and similar occurrences.

3. Take Advantage of the Winter Activities

One of the best things you can do while in Lake Tahoe for your winter wedding is participate in all the snow sports nearby! With 15 different ski resorts in and around Lake Tahoe, there’s no shortage of skiing and snowboarding opportunities in the area. There are also incredible hikes for snowshoeing and fun restaurants with views of snow-capped mountains to enjoy near your Tahoe winter wedding venue.

4. Plan a Winter Wonderland Photo Op 

So many of the winter wedding venues in Lake Tahoe have incredible views of snow-covered mountains and the beautiful lake. One of the most stunning Tahoe wedding venues with the best photo opportunity locations is North Tahoe Event Center. After your ceremony, consider sending your guests inside to warm up with some hot drinks while you grab your partner and photographer and head out to the beach. Trust us–you won’t be disappointed with the incredible sunsets and views of the mountains at our Lake Tahoe winter wedding venue.

5. Keep it Cozy

While the winter wonderland theme can create the most dreamy wedding experience, you also want to keep your guests cozy and warm! If you have an outdoor ceremony, consider providing blankets on the back of chairs or portable heat lamps posted around the space. When moving indoors, consider a “warm up” area with comfy seating, a fireplace, and some hot drinks to keep your guests cozy during your Tahoe winter wedding.

North Tahoe Event Center is Among the Best Lake Tahoe Winter Wedding Venues

If you’ve decided that a Lake Tahoe winter wedding sounds like the celebration of your dreams, consider North Tahoe Event Center as the host for your special day. With reduced rates during the winter months, flexible and communicative staff, and indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception, we are the ideal location for a Tahoe winter wedding. Not to mention we have the best photo ops and partnerships with excellent vendors who can elevate your winter wedding to the next level. Contact North Tahoe Event Center today to book your Lake Tahoe winter wedding!