Are you considering getting married far from home but aren’t sure how to begin destination wedding planning or find a destination wedding venue? If so, this blog is for you! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know about Lake Tahoe destination wedding locations and how to organize your destination wedding planning checklist. Read on to learn more! 

What are the First Steps to Planning a Destination Wedding?

Wondering how to start planning a destination wedding? First comes the wedding date, then comes the destination, then comes the destination wedding venue! 

Step 1: Choose Your Wedding Date

Before you begin destination wedding planning, you’ll want to decide on a date for your big day. If you start the search for your destination wedding venue before you have a date secured, you might get attached to a venue only to discover it’s booked on your wedding date. Determining your wedding date before starting your venue search will ensure you only get excited about venues available on the day you want to get married.

Step 2: Choose Your Wedding Destination

Once you’ve determined the date for your wedding, it’s time to decide on a destination for your wedding! Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular California destination wedding locations, and for good reason. The stunning blue lake surrounded by gorgeous mountain peaks and tall pines makes Tahoe one of the most desirable locations for a destination wedding on the west coast. Trust us–you can’t go wrong with a Lake Tahoe destination wedding.

Step 3: Choose Your Destination Wedding Venue

If you’re set on a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe, you’ll need to look into different Lake Tahoe destination wedding locations for your event. First, choose between South or North Lake Tahoe. With different amenities, views, and vibes in each area, you’ll want to pick the destination wedding location that feels right for you. If you go with North Lake Tahoe, the best destination wedding venue is North Tahoe Event Center!

How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Destination Wedding?

For most weddings, you can begin planning your event 12 months in advance. But when it comes to a destination wedding, you’ll want to give yourself a bit more time. We recommend starting 12-16 months in advance to ensure you get the venue and vendors you really want. Destination wedding venues book up quickly, as well as other vendors like photographers and florists. The sooner you sort out your destination wedding planning details, the better! 

What is the Cheapest Place to Have a Destination Wedding?

You can plan an inexpensive destination wedding virtually anywhere as long as you research to find an affordable venue, discounted vendors, and DIY certain aspects of your decorations. While the Tahoe area definitely isn’t known for being a cheap wedding location, you can still have a Lake Tahoe destination wedding on a budget. With Lake Tahoe destination wedding locations like North Tahoe Event Center, you can plan your dream wedding with luxury-on-a-budget vibes

What is the Best Place to Have a Destination Wedding?

The best place for a destination wedding is up to you and your partner! Do you prefer the beach or the mountains? Are you considering going overseas or keeping it local to the United States? The choice is yours! With many exciting activities to keep your guests occupied, incredible destination wedding venues like North Tahoe Event Center, and the most incredible lake and mountain views, a Lake Tahoe destination wedding might be the best place for you. 

Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

If you’re ready to commit to Lake Tahoe for your destination wedding, it’s time to start planning! Review this quick destination wedding planning checklist to ensure you’re on track for your dreamy destination wedding. 

  1. Determine your destination wedding budget: Know how much money you have to spend before you start booking venues and vendors for your event. This will save you the heartache of missing out on a place you loved but couldn’t afford or book in time. 
  2. Choose your wedding date: As you know, destination wedding planning requires more advanced work than a typical wedding. Choose your date and start planning early on. 
  3. Choose your destination: If you’re not sold on a Lake Tahoe destination wedding, consider other locations you might love. But if we’re being honest, we don’t think you can’t go wrong with a Tahoe wedding!
  4. Pick a beautiful destination wedding venue: Is North Lake Tahoe or South Lake Tahoe the best destination for you? Is an indoor wedding more your vibe, or would you prefer to get married outdoors? Read this blog post to help you decide!
  5. Secure wedding vendors: Once you’ve decided on your destination wedding venue, you’ll need to start booking other vendors, like a wedding planner, florist, photographer, caterer, and DJ or band. At North Tahoe Event Center, you can check out our preferred vendors list for some of the best wedding pros in the area.
  6. Plan guest transportation and accommodations: You’ll want to consider the guest experience. Where will your guests stay? How will they get to and from your wedding? What else can they do in the area? These are things to sort out now so that your guests know what to expect when they arrive at your Lake Tahoe destination wedding. 
  7. Enjoy your dreamy Lake Tahoe destination wedding: You’ve done all the hard work and planning; it’s time to settle into the moment and enjoy your special day! Make sure to smile big for those gorgeous Lake Tahoe destination wedding photo ops

Your Search for Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding Locations Ends in North Lake Tahoe

It’s time to start working through the destination wedding planning checklist to find the best destination wedding venues. If a Lake Tahoe destination wedding is your dream come true, start planning today by learning more about North Tahoe Event Center. Our friendly staff members are ready and willing to answer all your questions to make your destination wedding a celebration of a lifetime. Contact us today!