North Lake Tahoe Wedding and Event Venue

For many couples, planning a wedding with the love of their life is a thrilling and gratifying experience. And being able to celebrate your wedding in a wonderful place like Lake Tahoe is a dream come true. But with two beautiful destinations–North and South Lake Tahoe–it can be hard to decide which is the perfect location for your wedding. Read on for tons of valuable information to help you choose the ideal spot and six reasons we love a North Lake Tahoe wedding.

The Main Differences Between South Lake Tahoe and North Lake Tahoe

When debating whether to have a South or North Lake Tahoe wedding, notable contrasts between the areas may sway your decision. Consider some of the key differences between the two sides of the lake while keeping your ideal guest experience in mind. 

South Lake Tahoe is well populated and popular among tourists all year long. The area is rich with entertainment and nightlife experiences, as it houses many bars, casinos, and live music venues. For those looking for 24-hour entertainment, South Lake Tahoe is the place to be. With access to sandy beaches and outdoor activities during the day and a bustling downtown area to visit in the evening, this lively town is sure to keep guests busy.

North Lake Tahoe is much less populated, making for a quieter and more laid-back experience. With mountain vibes and a quaint community feel, this area is home to lovely cafes, restaurants, and breweries. While its downtown areas may be calmer, North Lake Tahoe is full of incredible outdoor activities like hiking, lake sports, and snow resorts, just like the lower part of the lake. 

So, Which is Better, South or North Lake Tahoe?

To be honest neither is better than the other; they’re just different! Choosing which side of Lake Tahoe you want for your wedding truly depends on personal preference. Both South and North Lake Tahoe have much to offer, and you can’t go wrong either way. But if you’re wondering which part of Lake Tahoe is the prettiest, we would definitely have to argue for the North side! And couples who have chosen to have a North Lake Tahoe wedding with us would agree.

North Lake Tahoe Wedding On the Lake Shores

6 Reasons to Have a North Lake Tahoe Wedding

Still unsure if North Lake Tahoe is the destination of your dream wedding? We’ve broken down the most incredible aspects of the area that make it a desirable location for many newlyweds planning a wedding in Lake Tahoe. Here are six reasons why you should have a North Lake Tahoe wedding. 

1. The Water is Breathtaking in North Lake Tahoe

It’s no secret that Lake Tahoe has some of the clearest blue water in the world. Known for being one of the deepest lakes in the United States, it invites visitors and locals alike to bask in all its glory. Whether you prefer to explore the lake on a boat or kayak, you are bound to fall in love with the scenic shorelines and towering mountains that frame this iconic lake.

One highly recommended activity for North Lake Tahoe wedding guests is kayaking or paddleboarding! Whether you prefer to adventure on your own or join a guided tour, there are many rental options along the shores of the lake. Some of our favorite places to send visitors are Sand Harbor, where you can pull over for a quiet picnic lunch; Crystal Bay, which features natural hot springs; and Secret Cove, a little nook full of incredible views. Regardless of which water adventure you take, scenic North Lake Tahoe won’t disappoint.

2. The Food is Delicious in North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe is home to many incredible dining options for visitors and your wedding guests. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, North Lake Tahoe restaurants can meet nearly any cuisine or atmosphere you desire. Looking for some fine dining with delicious food? Check out Lanza’s or The Soule Domain! Wanting a more laid-back environment with great outdoor seating showcasing some incredible views? Spindleshanks or Jason’s Beachside Grille are the places to go. If you’re willing to venture around, Truckee and the Northwestern side of Lake Tahoe have even more great dining options. 

3. The Accommodations are Quaint and Comfy

Ensuring your North Lake Tahoe wedding guests are well housed for your event is always an important aspect to consider. Whether you’re looking for a rustic retreat with furnished cabins like Cedar Glen Lodge or a stay right on the beach at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort, this area has it all. With various highly-rated hotels and quaint AirBnB stays, North Lake Tahoe accommodations are sure to make all of your guests feel right at home.

4. The Views are Unbeatable

An excellent activity for your North Lake Tahoe wedding guests is hiking! North Lake Tahoe has access to some of the best trails in the area, providing views and lookouts that will impress. If you’re looking for something easy and under an hour, Stateline Lookout is a beautiful loop trail with views of the lake and mountains. But if you or your guests are up for more of an adventure, the Tahoe Rim Trail, which wraps around the entire lake, is unbeatable. You can hike for as many miles as you’d like and stop at incredible lookouts, like Picnic Rock Viewpoint. Regardless of your adventure level, the various hiking trails around North Lake Tahoe provide something for everyone, with stunning views that your guests will be talking about for weeks.

North Lake Tahoe Wedding View are Unbeatable View of the North Lake Tahoe

5. There’s Truly Something for Everyone

Maybe some of the guests attending your North Lake Tahoe wedding aren’t as adventurous as the rest and aren’t thrilled about the area’s popular hiking trails and water sports. Luckily, North Lake Tahoe has something for everyone! For guests who’d prefer relaxing on the shoreline with a good book, there are many pristine beaches in and around North Lake. If taking a little walk through the local shops is more their speed, North Lake Blvd in Kings Beach is home to various shops and picturesque cafes. And if your guests have a bit of time on their hands, South Lake Tahoe is just an hour’s drive away and is filled with additional activities worth checking out during their stay. 

6. You Can Find an Affordable Lakeside Venue for Your North Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lastly, our favorite reason for having a North Lake Tahoe wedding is that you can get married steps from the water at an affordable price! At North Tahoe Event Center, we offer a variety of packages to accommodate your needs and make your dream of having a North Lake Tahoe wedding come to life. Located in Kings Beach, surrounded by all the wonderful activities and accommodations previously mentioned, our venue is privy to some of the area’s most beautiful lake and mountain views. 

Start Planning Your Dream North Lake Tahoe Wedding Today

If you know North Lake Tahoe is the destination for you, reach out to our team at North Tahoe Event Center to see how we can help make your dream wedding come to life! With our incredible lakefront views, exclusive vendor options, and cozy mountain town vibes, we are sure you and your love will have a magical North Lake Tahoe wedding experience.