Narrowing Down Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue Search

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So you’ve decided to get married in beautiful Lake Tahoe and are searching for the perfect wedding venue. But where do you start? Finding a Lake Tahoe wedding venue doesn’t have to be hard once you know what vibe and aesthetic you want. As you begin your wedding venue search, use this blog as a guide to help you narrow down exactly what you want in your dream wedding venue.

Start Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue Search with This or That?

By committing to Lake Tahoe as your wedding destination, you are already promised some of the most beautiful wedding venues on the west coast. With its incredible blue lake and awe-inspiring mountain ranges, Lake Tahoe boasts some of the most sought-after wedding venues in the country. While choosing the perfect location for your wedding may be challenging, we are here to help you narrow it down with a little game of This or That?

North Side or South Side?

There’s no shortage of beauty in Lake Tahoe, regardless of which side of the lake you choose for your wedding. But there are a few differences between North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. While South Lake Tahoe is filled with bustling bars, restaurants, casinos, and other nightlife activities, North Lake Tahoe provides more quaint, mountain town vibes with niche cafes and cute shops to visit. Which one you choose is a personal preference, depending on the “tone” you want for your celebration. You can learn more about the differences between North and South Lake Tahoe to help you with your Tahoe wedding venue search. 

Indoors or Outdoors?

When searching for a Lake Tahoe wedding venue, you’ll have to decide if you want an indoor or outdoor venue for your big day. The Tahoe area is prone to a significant flux in weather depending on the time of year. So, you’ll want to keep that in mind during your venue search. While the scenic lake and mountain ranges make an incredible backdrop for a snow-white wedding, a beautiful indoor venue may be a better option in the colder and rainier months. It is also possible to find a Lake Tahoe wedding venue with indoor and outdoor spaces for your big day! For example, at North Tahoe Event Center, many couples choose to hold their ceremony on the lakefront and then move the event into one of the beautiful indoor spaces for the reception.

Narrowing Down Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue Search

Photo Credit: Madeline Mae Photo

On the Lake or In The Mountains?

Lake Tahoe is one of the most sought-after wedding locations on the west coast due to its incredible blue waters and stunning mountain ranges. This means you also have plenty of options regarding the vibe of your wedding. During your wedding venue search, you will find there are just as many lakefront venues as mountain venues. You can also find a venue with both, depending on how you’ve always imagined your Lake Tahoe wedding. Lakefront venues like North Tahoe Event Center have incredible views of the mountains for a photo shoot after the ceremony.

Spring/Summer Wedding or Fall/Winter Wedding?

Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place for a wedding any time of the year. From the water activities and hikes during the warmer months to the snow sports and indoor entertainment during the colder months, Lake Tahoe has much to offer your wedding guests during their stay. When it comes to the perfect Lake Tahoe wedding venue, it is essential to check their availability in different seasons and weather-related conditions in the area. While many venues are ideal during the warmer months, they often close down once the snow hits due to the lack of booking or access, depending on the location. Luckily venues like North Tahoe Event Center are open year-round, so you can have your Lake Tahoe wedding whenever works best for you! 

Does Your Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue Search End at North Tahoe Event Center?

North Tahoe Event Center has it all. Nestled on the Northern side of the beautiful lake, our venue captures the quaint mountain vibes that are ever present in North Lake Tahoe. We are located steps from the shores of the lake, offering the perfect place to hold a wedding indoors, outdoors, or even a mix of both. Our indoor spaces boast ceiling-high windows, so you still have incredible mountain views to frame your wedding photos. And, as a venue that is open year-round, we are committed to working with the various weather conditions and seasonal changes. Whether you want an outdoor summer wedding on the lake or an indoor winter wedding with picturesque views, you can end your wedding venue search right now! Contact us today to secure your wedding date at North Tahoe Event Center!