Are you wondering how to get good wedding photos? Perhaps you’re wondering if professional wedding photography is that important. Some couples may choose to pass on this tradition (or ask their cousin with a camera to take the pictures). However, we’re here to discuss the importance of professional wedding photos to ensure you capture memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Keep reading to learn our top four wedding photography tips for couples

4 Wedding Photography Tips for Couples to Ensure You Love Your Wedding Photos

Knowing how to get good wedding photos is essential. These are the photos you’ll use for your post-wedding thank-you notes, social media posts to commemorate your big day, and a photo album to share with your future children and grandchildren when you tell them about your love story. You’ll have digital copies of these memories as well as printed copies framed and decorating your home — these photos are important! So, without further ado, here are wedding photography tips and tricks to get wedding photos you’ll absolutely love now and for years to come.

1. Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

While your cousin Susan may have a nice camera she’s learning how to use, and your Aunt Becky has offered to snap some shots of the ceremony on her iPhone, is that really how to get good wedding photos you’ll want to show off for years? From our experience, no, it isn’t. Instead, you’ll want to hire a professional photographer for your wedding photos.

Hiring a professional ensures you get high-quality photos and a personalized experience. Your photographer will capture every little detail and each big moment you don’t want to miss. Professional wedding photographers know how to direct you and your partner through different poses and locations and ensure the lighting is right and every hair on your head is in place. Not to mention, professional photographers have the means to touch up photos, correct lighting issues, and deliver a large number of high-quality images for you to cherish.

Lastly, having a professional take your wedding photos allows your friends and family be fully present and enjoy your big day. Rather than Susan worrying about capturing the right photos, she can get down on the dance floor with you. Rather than Aunt Becky not getting the first-kiss photo because she was lost in the moment, you can relax knowing your professional photographer is 100% focused on getting the perfect shots.

2. Hire a Local Photographer for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

When choosing a professional photographer for your wedding, we always encourage our couples to hire someone local. There are many perks to hiring someone in the area where your wedding is being held. For example, Lake Tahoe wedding photographers know all the best spots for photos. They have experience working with the lake, mountains, and surrounding scenery to frame your photos and know how to work with lighting changes throughout the Tahoe seasons. Someone with a lot of experience in the area will bring more confidence to your event and ultimately deliver higher-quality photos. Another reason to hire a local photographer is to support local entrepreneurs and businesses. We are all about supporting each other in this quaint North Lake Tahoe community!

3. Hire the Same Photographer for Engagement and Wedding Photos

One of the best wedding photography tips for couples — and a great way to have a photo trial run before your wedding — is to book the same photographer for your engagement photos and wedding photos. Shooting your engagement photos with the same photographer provides an excellent opportunity to get to know the person behind the lens. You’ll also get more comfortable in front of the camera and can give the photographer feedback on the shots you love and would like more of at your wedding. Another perk of booking the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos is that many photographers offer a discount on their packages when you book both services.

4. Choose a Wedding Venue with Picturesque Views

Our fourth and final wedding photography tip for couples is to choose a wedding venue with picturesque views. That way, every photo is beautiful, from your ceremony to the reception to sunset photos at the Lake’s edge. While your photographer will definitely find the beauty in any location, booking a venue with incredible surroundings will only make your photos that much better! 

Wedding Photography FAQs

We’ve shared some wedding photography tips and tricks for couples. Now it’s time to get clear on some wedding photography FAQs. 

How Long Should You Have a Photographer at Your Wedding?

It really depends on your wedding schedule, what moments you want captured, and your photographer’s availability. Usually, photographers are booked for around 8 hours, which covers preparations for the main reception events. But if you want every moment from getting ready to the after-party, consider booking for the full day!

How Many Photos Should a Wedding Photographer Give You?

Well, there’s no hard and fast rule here. But generally, you can expect between 50 to 100 photos for each hour of photography. So, for an eight-hour wedding day, you’re looking at anywhere from 400 to 800 photos, give or take!

Do Photographers Give Unedited Photos?

Not usually. Most professional photographers prefer to deliver only their finished, edited work. It’s kinda like a chef serving a meal — they want you to see the final product, not the raw ingredients!

What Is the Average Amount to Spend on a Wedding Photographer?

The average cost for a wedding photographer can fluctuate quite a bit. However, most couples in the U.S. tend to spend between $1,150 and $3,000, with the average hovering around $2,000. However, it’s a bit higher for wedding photographers in Lake Tahoe. Couples getting married in this sought-after destination can expect to pay between $3,800 and $12,000 for photography.

North Tahoe Event Center Boasts Amazing Views for Your Wedding Photos

North Tahoe Event Center is located at one of the most beautiful beaches in Lake Tahoe. Do you want your wedding photos enhanced by the blue hues of the lake and framed by the majestic mountains? If so, North Tahoe Event Center is definitely the wedding venue for you. Check out our Instagram page for Lake Tahoe wedding inspiration. If you like what you see, reach out today to book your North Lake Tahoe wedding with us!