Are you going to tie the knot in picturesque Lake Tahoe? The area is breathtaking and makes for gorgeous photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. While crafting your wedding day timeline, one key factor to consider is when to take your wedding pictures. Whether you want wedding pictures before or after the ceremony, with proper photography planning, you can get stunning shots of all the details of your special day. Read on for essential tips to ensure your wedding in Lake Tahoe is picture-perfect!

3 Ideas for When to Take Wedding Pictures

1. Do a First Look and Take All Photos Before the Ceremony

When deciding whether to take wedding pictures before or after the ceremony, consider whether you’ll have a first look. By doing a first look and taking all wedding photos before the ceremony, you can get the pictures out of the way and not leave your guests hanging during cocktail hour. 

Plus, let’s be honest–the first look is always an emotional rollercoaster, and getting those tears out of the way early means avoiding puffy faces during the rest of the ceremony. And don’t worry; you can still sneak away for some romantic sunset photos later on because who doesn’t love a good Instagram-worthy post? Trust us, your guests will thank you for not keeping them waiting between the ceremony and reception, and you’ll have more time to dance the night away with your new spouse.

2. Take Your Wedding Pictures After the Ceremony

Considering when to take wedding pictures is a big deal! So, if you decide you want the magic of the first look to take place as you’re walking down the aisle, then taking your wedding photos after the ceremony may be a better fit for you. 

If you opt for this route, make sure to throw a killer cocktail hour that will keep your guests entertained. If they’re in the middle of a cornhole game or tossing back another signature drink, you’ll have plenty of time to capture incredible photos with your partner without feeling rushed to get back to the party. 

3. Have a First Look With Friends and Family

Another great option when it comes to deciding whether to take wedding pictures before or after the ceremony is to consider first-look photos with your family and wedding party before the ceremony. 

That way, the only pictures you have to take during cocktail hour are with your spouse and a few family photos. This will save you time on pictures and give you more of the day to spend with your guests who came to celebrate your love.

So, Do You Take Wedding Pictures Before or After the Ceremony?

Deciding when to take wedding pictures is totally up to you–there are no wrong answers! Of course, there are pros and cons to both options, but different things will work for different couples.

Keep in mind that daytime weddings are great for capturing gorgeous outdoor shots during what photographers call “golden hour.” The natural lighting during this time of day is truly magical and will give your wedding photos a dreamy, romantic vibe. On the other hand, evening weddings can be just as breathtaking, with sunset moments, twinkling lights, and candlelight adding an extra touch of magic. Plus, indoor venues can provide special lighting that adds to the atmosphere. 

So, it’s really up to you and the mood you want to set for your special day. To help you visualize, check out these stunning wedding photos captured at North Tahoe Event Center at different times of the day!

Want Amazing Lake Tahoe Wedding Photos? Get Married at North Tahoe Event Center

Our picturesque location is the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, no matter what time of day you tie the knot. From the sun’s warm glow during the day to the soft romantic lighting at night, our venue is sure to have you swooning in every photo, whether you take your wedding pictures before or after the ceremony. So come celebrate your love story at North Tahoe Event Center, and let’s create some unforgettable memories together. Reach out to learn more about our venue today!