3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Size for the Perfect Tahoe Celebration

Photo Credit: Elsa Boscarello

If you’re wondering, “What is the average size of a wedding?” or “How big should my wedding be?” you’re in the right place. We have all the tips and answers for you! It may sound challenging to exclude your high school best friends to make space for your partner’s brother’s in-laws. But there are many ways you can size your wedding to make it fit your needs. Read on to learn more about different wedding sizes and our top tips for planning your dream Tahoe wedding.

Your Options for Choosing Your Wedding Size

You have many wedding sizes to choose from, each with unique pros and cons. While keeping your VIP guests and “B List” attendees in mind, here’s some valuable information to help decide which wedding size will suit your dream Lake Tahoe celebration.

What is an Elopement Size?

Size: An elopement is typically just the couple, their officiant, and the photographer. Occasionally a guest or two will join, especially if a friend or family member officiates the ceremony.

Pros: Elopements are intimate and special and create a unique and memorable experience. An elopement is also significantly less expensive than a traditional wedding. You also have the freedom to get married in a cool or isolated location, such as a mountaintop overlooking Lake Tahoe.

Cons: One of the more challenging parts of eloping is choosing who will attend. While it may be difficult for your loved ones to understand, it makes sense if you want a low-maintenance wedding. Plus, to make it simple, you can decide not to invite anyone. That way, nobody is left out because everyone is!

What is a Micro Wedding Size?

Size: Micro weddings typically include no more than 30 guests, averaging around 10-15 guests in most cases. 

Pros: A micro wedding is an intimate experience with your nearest and dearest. With a wedding this size, you can still choose a unique location and spend significantly less money than you would for a traditional wedding.

Cons: Again, some people won’t be invited, which can be a challenging situation to navigate. However, the most supportive and loving people will be happy for you regardless of whether they attend the ceremony.

What is a Small Wedding Size?

Size: A small wedding usually consists of 30-50 guests. While that is still a low number, it allows more extended family or old college friends to attend the celebration.

Pros: A wedding set for a smaller number of guests still provides an intimate setting, but more people get to celebrate with you! With a small reception and ceremony, you can interact with your guests on a personal level and create unique memories of your special day. 

Cons: Although still small, this wedding size typically requires a more traditional wedding venue. You’ll also need a bigger wedding budget and more extensive planning to host a reception with a meal and space to socialize. 

What is an Average Wedding Size?

Size: An average-sized wedding typically consists of 50 to 150 guests, with the average wedding size in 2021 being 105 guests. This size of wedding means you can invite all your important guests and a few of your “B List” guests to your celebration.   

Pros: Most couples choose this size because it’s the perfect combination of celebrating with friends and family without breaking the bank. Plus, you can have a smaller “average” wedding with 60-75 guests or go big with 150 of your favorite people.

Cons: With an average-size wedding–especially ones tipping towards the larger end of the scale–it will be more challenging to interact with each guest. Since weddings of this size host more people, it will also cost a bit more to accommodate space and food for everyone. 

What is a Big Wedding Size?

Size: Big weddings range from 150 to 300 guests!

Pros: With a big wedding, you don’t have to be too concerned about picking and choosing who you want to attend. And with many people present, you’re sure to have a good time on the dance floor at the reception!

Cons: Big weddings are significantly more expensive than the other wedding size options. With 150 to 300 guests, you’ll need ample space, much more food, and a wedding planner to help facilitate the day.

3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Size for the Perfect Tahoe Celebration

Photo Credit: Elsa Boscarello

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

When choosing your wedding size, you should consider a few other important factors beyond the specified number of guests. Here are three tips to help you choose the perfect size wedding. 

1. Consider Your Budget

Your wedding size significantly affects how much you spend on your venue, meals, and accommodations. If you have a tight budget, planning a smaller wedding may be your best option. If budget isn’t an issue, then you can go big and invite all your friends and family members!

2. Count Your VIP Guests

VIP guests are the people you can’t imagine getting married without being present. As you consider your wedding size, consider your VIP guest count. While it would be nice to have all your friends and family join, that is not always possible, so keep that in mind.

3. Think About Your Dream Venue

If you’re envisioning a mountain top covered in wildflowers as you say, “I do,” Aunt Dorothy probably won’t make it up there. But if you’re considering a lakefront venue on the shores of Lake Tahoe, that is something accessible to everyone. This is when considering your wedding size and your dream venue become a crucial topic of discussion. You need to find the perfect balance between inviting loved ones and having your wedding at the venue of your dreams.

3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Size for the Perfect Tahoe Celebration

Photo Credit: Elsa Boscarello

North Tahoe Event Center Accommodates Any Wedding Size

If your dream is to have a waterfront wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe while majestic mountains grace the landscape behind you, North Tahoe Event Center is the venue for you. Not only do we have stunning views and incredible photo opportunities, but we also accommodate all wedding sizes, from an elopement to a large wedding of up to 300 guests. With multiple venue spaces available, we are confident we can host the Lake Tahoe wedding day of your dreams!