Best time of year to get married in Lake Tahoe

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So, you’ve decided to tie the knot in beautiful Lake Tahoe. Great choice! Now it’s time to decide the best time to get married so your wedding is everything you want and more. One of the best things about Lake Tahoe is that it is beautiful no matter the season. It all depends on the vision for your special day. Keep reading to learn how to choose the best time of year to get married for you. 

What are the Cheapest Months to Get Married?

While summer is a popular time for weddings, it’s also peak season, which can mean higher prices for venues and services. If affordability is a priority, consider choosing a spring wedding. Early spring months like March and April are considered off-season compared to summer and winter, making it less crowded and potentially more affordable.

In general, costs vary widely depending on specific dates, venues, and services, so it’s always a good idea to reach out to potential venues or a wedding planner for the most accurate information. And remember, even if you’re planning a wedding on a budget, Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty ensures a stunning backdrop at any time of year, regardless of how much you spend.

Best month to have a wedding in Lake Tahoe

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What is the Rarest Month to Get Married?

According to a survey by The Knot, February is the least popular month to get married, not just in Lake Tahoe but in the U.S. Here is a breakdown:

  • Between December and February: 11%
  • Between March and May: 17%
  • Between June and August: 28%
  • Between September and November: 43%

In 2022, October was considered the best month to have a wedding, with 20% of couples choosing this popular month to get married. And February was the rarest month, with just 3% of weddings happening, which for some, makes it the best month to get married.

Best month to get married in Lake Tahoe

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What is the Best Time to Get Married in Lake Tahoe?

Now you know the cheapest, most popular, and rarest months of the year to get married. But which is the best month to have a wedding? While we can’t make that decision for you, here are some considerations by season to help you decide the best month to get married in Lake Tahoe.

Winter: December Through February

If you’re dreaming of a winter wonderland wedding with snow-capped mountains as your backdrop, then December through February is your best bet. Lake Tahoe is known for its ski resorts and stunning snowfall, making it a perfect winter wedding destination. In addition to stunning scenery and charming venues, Lake Tahoe provides numerous opportunities for winter-themed activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and sleigh rides, adding fun and excitement to your wedding celebration. 

However, it’s important to note that planning a winter wedding in Lake Tahoe requires careful consideration. The weather conditions can be unpredictable, and road closures due to heavy snowfall are possible. It’s crucial to work closely with local wedding planners, venues, and vendors who have experience in handling winter weddings to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Average Lake Tahoe Weather in the Winter:

  • December: High of 44 and low of 26 with 5 days of rain
  • January: High of 44 and low of 26 with 6 days of rain
  • February: High of 45 and low of 26 with 5 days of rain

Spring: March Through May

Spring in Lake Tahoe brings blooming wildflowers, milder temperatures, and the chance for some truly gorgeous outdoor photos. The milder temperatures provide an ideal climate for outdoor ceremonies and receptions, allowing you and your guests to fully enjoy the stunning surroundings without the harsh cold of winter or the intense heat of summer. The blooming wildflowers add a splash of color to the landscape, creating a vibrant setting for your wedding photos. Lastly, the lingering snow on the mountains and lake offers a picturesque backdrop, adding a touch of winter charm to your spring wedding.

However, as the snow begins to melt, certain areas may be muddy or waterlogged, which could impact your venue choice or outdoor activities. Also, while spring generally brings milder weather, occasional rain showers are not uncommon during this season. Therefore, it’s important to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather (your wedding planning team and venue can help with this!). Despite these considerations, with careful planning and the right support from experienced local vendors, a Lake Tahoe spring wedding can be a truly unforgettable experience.

Average Lake Tahoe Weather in the Spring:

  • March: High of 49 and low of 28 with 5 days of rain
  • April: High of 54 and low of 31 with 3 days of rain
  • May: High of 63 and low of 37 with 3 days of rain
Best time of year to get married in Lake Tahoe

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Summer: June Through August

Summertime in Lake Tahoe is absolutely idyllic. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the lake is at its most vibrant blue. It’s the perfect time for an outdoor wedding on the beach or in one of the many beautiful parks around the lake.

The vibrant blue lake, lush greenery, and warm sunshine create a picturesque backdrop for both the ceremony and reception. Additionally, the pleasant weather allows for a variety of outdoor activities, such as boating, hiking, or simply relaxing on the beach, making your wedding an unforgettable mini-vacation for your guests.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when planning a summer wedding in Lake Tahoe. While the weather is generally warm and sunny, occasional summer thunderstorms do occur, so it’s essential to have a backup plan in place. Summer is also a popular time for tourists, which means some locations may be crowded, and accommodation and venue prices might be higher. At North Tahoe Event Center, our venue is nestled on Kings Beach in North Lake Tahoe. It’s steps from the shore but offers a more laid-back vibe than South Lake Tahoe in the summer, making it a win-win for couples wanting to wed in summertime.  

Average Lake Tahoe Weather in the Summer:

  • June: High of 73 and low of 44 with 2 days of rain
  • July: High of 80 and low of 50 with 1 day of rain
  • August: High of 79 and low of 50 with 1 day of rain

Fall: September Through November

Fall is a fantastic time to get married in Lake Tahoe if you love the colors of autumn. The leaves change to stunning shades of red, orange, and gold, providing a beautiful natural decor for your wedding. As tourism slows down during this season, you can enjoy a quieter, more intimate atmosphere for your celebration. 

Outdoor ceremonies on the beach are still possible, and receptions can be held under billowy white tents or indoors, adding a touch of elegance to your event. The milder temperatures of fall make for comfortable outdoor celebrations while still providing the opportunity for stunning photographs against the backdrop of vibrant foliage and tranquil waters of the lake. 

However, while the weather is generally pleasant, unexpected changes can occur, so having a backup plan is crucial. Additionally, while the quieter season means fewer crowds, it may also mean reduced services as some vendors scale back after the busy summer period. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm availability and services with your chosen vendors ahead of time.

Average Lake Tahoe Weather in the Fall:

  • September: High of 74 and low of 46 with 1 day of rain
  • October: High of 62 and low of 38 with 3 days of rain
  • November: High of 51 and low of 31 with 4 days of rain
Best time to get married in Lake Tahoe

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The Best Time to Get Married at North Tahoe Event Center

Our stunning venue in North Lake Tahoe is open year-round and offers numerous benefits regardless of the season. In the warmer months, couples can take advantage of our outdoor terrace, just steps from the water’s edge. In addition to this, our indoor facilities are designed to ensure that the beauty of Lake Tahoe is never compromised, regardless of the weather. Our event spaces boast floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the lake and surrounding landscape. This means that even if your event takes place indoors, you and your guests will still be able to enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas.

The best way to decide if North Tahoe Event Center is the right place for you to say “I do” is to tour our space. Contact us today to learn more, book a tour, and secure our North Lake Tahoe Wedding venue for any time of year!