Planning a Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding with Lakeside Wedding Ideas in North Lake Tahoe

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Are you torn between getting married in Lake Tahoe and having a beach wedding? Why not do both? A Lake Tahoe beach wedding is an up-and-coming trend in the area, especially with venues like North Tahoe Event Center that allow you to get married right on the shore! Planning a wedding on the beach in Lake Tahoe doesn’t have to be intimidating. We have plenty of lakeside wedding ideas to share with you to learn how you can make your dream Lake Tahoe beach wedding come to life!

Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding FAQs

Are you ready to start planning a beach wedding? With years of experience hosting Lake Tahoe beach weddings, we are more than happy to offer our best advice and provide answers to frequently asked questions. Whether you’re curious if you can actually get married on the shore or are just looking for lakeside wedding ideas, we’ve got you covered.

Planning a Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding with Lakeside Wedding Ideas in North Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: Amber Shore Pictures

Can You Get Married on the Beach in Lake Tahoe?

Absolutely! Lake Tahoe is one of California’s most beautiful wedding locations, and the ability to get married on the shore makes it that much more special. With the jaw-dropping blue hues of the lake and cascading mountain backdrop, planning a beach wedding can be a magical experience. There are a few different venues in the area you could book for your Lake Tahoe beach wedding, but the top location is North Tahoe Event Center. Our venue is situated on a large beach, and you can get married right on the shore of the lake!

What Do You Need for a Beach Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

Planning a beach wedding can be a thrilling adventure for you and your partner if you have some tips and tricks to help you along the way! Many of our couples host their ceremony on the shore with an incredible view of the lake, then move their guests to another area or indoors for the reception, especially if the weather isn’t cooperating. We have access to some of the most incredible photo locations on site, so we recommend a cocktail hour for guests while couples capture the most stunning sunset wedding photos. Complete the celebration with an indoor or outdoor reception, eating good food, drinking good drinks, and dancing the night away with loved ones. 

When Should You Have a Beach Wedding in Lake Tahoe?

Anytime! While summer, spring, and fall are more popular than winter, a winter wedding on the beach is simply breathtaking. However, there are things to consider in each season.


This is a beautiful time of year to have a Lake Tahoe Beach wedding as flowers are blooming, and cooler temperatures in the mornings and evenings create a cozy environment. One thing to be mindful of during spring in Lake Tahoe is the rain. A quick Google search on the rain forecast during your wedding date can help you plan accordingly! Choosing a venue with indoor and outdoor options can be very helpful when navigating your Plan B.


The sunshine season brings ideal temperatures for a wedding on the shores of Lake Tahoe. One downfall of this time of year is that the Tahoe area has had a few wildfires come close, which can make for smokey days or tricky travel. Keeping an eye on fire maps, communicating with your vendors, and securing a backup plan are just a few lakeside wedding ideas to remember if you plan your big day during the summer.


This is historically one of the most beautiful times of the year for a Lake Tahoe beach wedding. Foggy mornings, sunny days, and a backdrop of color-changing leaves add charm to your special day. The beginning of fall may have some residual smoke lingering, so that is something to be mindful of when planning a beach wedding. Working with your venue coordinator to help navigate any difficulties will help ensure your special day goes smoothly.


Tahoe is very popular in the winter with its incredible ski slopes, snowy mountain-top views, and even a few wedding venues open year-round! While a Lake Tahoe beach wedding during winter may sound intimidating, it can be a beautiful and cozy experience. Saying “I do” on a snow-covered beach, with glistening trees in the background and hues of the blue lake shining through is picturesque.

3 Lakeside Wedding Ideas to Make Planning a Beach Wedding a Breeze

So you’re convinced that a Lake Tahoe beach wedding can work for you, but now you need some lake wedding ideas to ensure the event runs smoothly! We’ve got you covered with our top three tips for an unforgettable wedding on the beach in Tahoe. 

Planning a Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding with Lakeside Wedding Ideas in North Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: Amber Shore Pictures

1. Plan Fun Activities for Your Wedding Guests

One of the perks of planning a Lake Tahoe beach wedding is the fun waterfront activities you and your guests can participate in! If you’re hosting your wedding over a few days, consider creating a list of activities for your guests to do in the area. A kayak tour, a lakeside picnic, or a scenic hike overlooking the lake are just a few ideas. You may also consider hosting a welcome BBQ on the shore or a Sunday-after beach day for you and your guests to spend a bit more time together.

2. Choose Wedding Colors That Match the Scene

A great way to truly elevate your Lake Tahoe beach wedding is to match your wedding decor to the surrounding scenery. Maybe you’d like to accentuate the beautiful blue water of the lake or draw in some green from the surrounding pines. Another option is having more natural colors so the magic of the landscape can truly shine!

If these colors don’t speak to you, there are other ways to match the scenery. Pops of yellow can make your wedding photos come together with the background. And touches of red can make your decor match the stunning Tahoe sunsets. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your decor and bring in elements of nature. And above all, stay true to yourself–that will be the most beautiful part of decorating your wedding day.

3. Plan for Weather Changes & Create a Backup Plan

Being mindful of the weather is always critical when hosting an outdoor wedding. This goes for a Lake Tahoe beach wedding as well. Your venue coordinator may have suggestions and ideas for dates with better weather. However, we all know Mother Nature has a mind of her own. Here are some ideas to ensure your event runs smoothly: 

  • Mic up for the event should the breeze pick up during your ceremony
  • Book a venue with both an indoor and outdoor location
  • Provide warmth (such as blankets or standing heaters) if your wedding will be during cooler months
Planning a Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding with Lakeside Wedding Ideas in North Lake Tahoe

Photo Credit: Amber Shore Pictures

Plan the Perfect Lake Tahoe Beach Wedding at North Tahoe Event Center

Have you decided that a Lake Tahoe beach wedding is for you? Make sure to put North Tahoe Event Center at the top of your venue list for your lakefront wedding. With stunning views, beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, and year-round bookings, we are sure we can make your lakeside wedding dreams come to life! Start planning a beach wedding with North Tahoe Event Center today!