Lake Tahoe Wedding Venue on the Lake

Are you wondering how to choose a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe? The area is a popular destination for weddings, and for good reasons! A Lake Tahoe wedding venue provides the perfect opportunity to make the most of your big day with scenic views and exciting attractions nearby. Read on to learn what to consider when choosing a wedding venue for your most special day!

Where Do People Get Married in Lake Tahoe?

Couples decide between various factors when choosing where to get married in Lake Tahoe, from scenery to location to style and more. South Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular tourist destinations and boasts tons of activities and accommodations that will keep guests satisfied any time of the year. North Lake Tahoe has some of the clearest blue water you will ever see. The north side of the Lake is a bit more laid back and is ideal for getting married in Tahoe if you want a pristine lakeside event. Both areas are filled with beautiful destination spots and incredible Lake Tahoe wedding venues. And while there are many different natural beauties to consider, you can also choose to be married in California or Nevada since both states share this incredible landmark.  

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How to Choose a Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe: 7 Things to Consider

So you know you want to get married in Lake Tahoe, but there are still many things to consider before booking the venue of your dreams. Lake Tahoe wedding venues come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Determining whether you want a luxurious or outdoorsy style, lakefront or mountain views, and casinos or quaint coffee shops nearby are all things to consider when choosing your Lake Tahoe wedding venue.

1. Budget

When choosing your Lake Tahoe wedding venue, your budget is the first thing to consider. Whether you seek a high-class, all-inclusive venue or a more down-to-earth and natural setting, Lake Tahoe has it all. From luxurious and glamorous venues that accommodate a $100,000+ budget to more affordable yet breathtaking lakefront options like North Tahoe Event Center, this location is privy to some of the most incredible wedding venues. And you can find a perfect venue regardless of your budget – just keep it in mind as you tour your options. 

2. Location

When choosing a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, consider which area fits your desires and expectations. Lake Tahoe is divided into two locations, North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. Each of these destinations has a different feel and provides contrasting types of guest experiences. South Lake Tahoe is more tourist-friendly, with multiple casinos and shopping opportunities. North Lake Tahoe is more laid back and offers endless outdoor activities and opportunities for quiet hikes along the shore. Regardless of where you choose to hold your wedding in Lake Tahoe, there will always be access to the beautiful lake and extraordinary views.

3. Guest Count

When you’re sorting out how to choose a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, don’t forget to think about how many guests you’re inviting. The number of people coming can determine what kind of place you should book. There are all sorts of spots, from cozy beachfront spaces to huge lakeside estates, and each one can handle a different number of guests. If your venue is too small, it might feel cramped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, if it’s too big, it could end up feeling empty and not as fun. Plus, some places have rules about how many guests they can handle because of safety or environmental rules. So, make sure you have a good idea of your guest list before you choose a venue. That way, you can pick a spot that fits your wedding vibe and budget and make sure all your guests can enjoy the day comfortably.

4. Guest Experience

Lake Tahoe is an excellent location for a wedding because the many nearby attractions and accommodations will keep your guests entertained during their stay. Some Lake Tahoe wedding venues have options for your guests to stay on-site, while others may be located near a nice hotel or resort to host your friends and family. When considering the guest experience, transportation is another thing to keep in mind. While some locations may require a car to get to, other Lake Tahoe wedding venues have accommodations and activities within walking distance.

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5. Wedding Date

When choosing a date for your Lake Tahoe wedding, it’s essential to keep the weather in mind. Tahoe is known for its cold, snowy winters and tourist-packed summers, so a month somewhere in between may be preferable. Fortunately, Lake Tahoe wedding venues like North Tahoe Event Center take bookings year-round. So, whether you dream of a lakefront, summer wedding, or a snowy getaway elopement, there is a Lake Tahoe wedding venue out there for you.

6. Photo Ops

When couples decide to get married in Lake Tahoe, they share one common goal: incredible, scenic wedding photos. Wedding venues in Lake Tahoe often provide some of the most stunning views in the area. Deciding which of the various scenic ecosystems would create the perfect ambiance for your big day is something to consider as you research wedding venues in Lake Tahoe. The photo opportunities are endless, whether you are tucked away in the mountains or at a lakefront venue like North Tahoe Event Center. 

7. Plan B

When it comes to what to consider when choosing a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, it’s essential to have a plan B for when Mother Nature rears her head. Snowstorms are inevitable in the winter, and wildfires are common during the summer. Choosing a venue with indoor and outdoor options allows for flexibility should things not go as planned. Many wedding venues in Lake Tahoe have indoor accessibility, but it is always good to communicate before your event to avoid any mishaps. 

How Do You Decide on a Venue for Your Wedding?

All of the above factors are important when it comes to what to consider when choosing a wedding venue. However, you may find that a few different venues fit your parameters. So, we recommend seeing the space in person before actually deciding on a venue for your wedding. Pictures are great, but nothing beats the real thing. 

Walking through the venue allows you to fully envision your big day. You can assess the natural lighting, check out the facilities, and envision how your decorations would fit in. It also lets you get a feel for the flow of the space. Will guests be able to easily move from the ceremony area to the reception? Is there enough room for dancing? Seeing the venue in person also gives you an opportunity to meet the staff and gauge their level of service and professionalism. Plus, photos may not reveal certain aspects like acoustics or temperature control, which could impact your event. From the moment you step into a potential venue, try to imagine your guests’ experience. Ultimately, choosing a venue is about more than just aesthetics or capacity; it’s about creating a memorable and comfortable experience for your guests.

What is Most Important When Selecting a Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe?

The most important thing about choosing your Lake Tahoe wedding venue is that it is your dream location. This is your big day, and your venue should meet all your goals and expectations. With your budget in mind and potential wedding date options, you can begin your search to find the ideal Lake Tahoe venue for you! At North Tahoe Event Center, we work one-on-one with each couple to make your perfect wedding a reality. Our Lake Tahoe wedding venue is a dream come true with a beautiful lakefront ceremony space, stunning views, and wonderful accommodations nearby for your loved ones. Learn more about our venue and reach out to us to secure your wedding date today