How to save money on your wedding with money-saving wedding tips for Lake Tahoe

If you’re here, you probably want to know how to save money on your wedding. Understandably so — weddings can get pricey quick. At North Tahoe Event Center, we understand a wedding is an investment. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to save money on wedding essentials and a couple of areas where you definitely shouldn’t cut your budget. Keep reading for our best money-saving tips for a wedding for your North Lake Tahoe celebration. 

How Do Most People Pay for Weddings?

Traditionally, it’s the bride’s family who bears the bulk of the wedding costs. This includes the ceremony, reception, and all the elements that go with them, such as flowers, music, and decorations. The groom’s family traditionally covers the cost of the rehearsal dinner. 

However, these traditions have evolved significantly in recent years. Today, many couples pay for their weddings themselves, often sharing the expenses. They might save money over several years, or they could set up a savings account specifically for wedding-related expenses. 

In addition to traditional saving methods, there are now more modern ways to finance a wedding. Some couples opt to take out a personal loan or use a credit card to cover the costs. Crowdfunding and wedding registries where guests can contribute to the honeymoon or even to the wedding cost itself are also becoming increasingly popular. Many couples also choose to have smaller, less expensive weddings, prioritizing creating memorable experiences over lavish expenses — and incorporating money-saving wedding tips into the planning process. 

5 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Essentials

One of the first wedding planning steps for every couple is determining your wedding budget. Once you know how much you have to spend, you can find ways to save money on your wedding, from the catering services to the wedding officiant. These five areas to save can help you meet your wedding expectations while minding your expenses as you plan your Tahoe wedding.

How to save money on your wedding with money-saving wedding tips for Lake Tahoe

1. Ways to Save Money on Wedding Drinks

Choosing only to serve beer and wine instead of having an open bar at your wedding is a great way to cut down your spending. Additionally, some couples choose to provide complimentary beer and wine. Then they have other drinks available for guests to order at their expense. At North Tahoe Event Center, it’s a BOY type of party! As a Government Agency in California, we can’t sell people alcohol, but we can serve it at your wedding. This also cuts the costs of hiring a bar service for your wedding.

2. Ways to Save Money on Wedding Catering

One of the best ways to save money on wedding catering is to review the Chef’s choice for appetizers during the cocktail hour. The Chef’s choice options are often the most popular, and other events in the area will likely request the same items. This makes them more affordable because the caterer purchases them in bulk.

3. Ways to Save Money on Wedding Cake

When it comes to ways to save money on wedding cake, there are a few options for couples to choose from. First, if you want to provide a cake for all your guests, you don’t need to order enough for every guest to have a piece. Since not everyone enjoys or can eat cake, only order enough for 75% of guests to enjoy. Another option to save money on wedding cake is to buy a small cake for the cake-cutting tradition. Then serve less expensive desserts for your guests, such as cupcakes, cookies, donuts, cheesecake in a cup, or multiple items on a dessert bar.

4. Ways to Save Money on Wedding Vendors

A great way to save money on wedding vendors is to hire a wedding planner to organize your event. At North Tahoe Event Center, we have great relationships with local wedding planners. They know the best vendors in the area and can help you secure the lowest rates. Having a wedding planner manage your essential vendors saves you money and can reduce the stress load as you plan your big day! 

5. Ways to Save Money on Wedding Officiant Duties

One of the best ways to save money on wedding officiant duties is to have a friend or family member do it for you. Anyone can become ordained online for free! This lets you have someone very special to you involved in your wedding. You will have an authentic and true-to-you marriage ceremony when you pass this honorable role to someone who deeply cares about you and your partner.

3 Areas to Splurge on Your Wedding

Now that you know a few money-saving wedding tips to make your budget go further, let’s talk about some areas where you should spend a little more on your big day. As you plan your Lake Tahoe wedding budget, keep in mind which areas you want to allow yourself to splurge. Doing so ensures your wedding fulfills your desires and meets your expectations.

How to save money on your wedding with money-saving wedding tips for Lake Tahoe

1. Splurge on Yourself

One area where you should consider spending more money is on your partner and yourself. Planning your wedding can be stressful, so consider getting a day-of massage with your love or finding other little ways to care for each other. Professional hair, makeup, and grooming services can be a wonderful thing to splurge on. This ensures you have a beauty professional taking care of those needs as you prepare for your big day. When it comes to your dress and wedding attire, go all out. You should feel your absolute best on your wedding day!

2. Splurge on Your Photography

Wedding photography is one area where couples should allow for a larger budget. In doing so, you’ll be able to hire a high-quality photographer whose style matches yours. These photos will capture the memories you’ll want to keep forever. So, it’s essential that you genuinely love them and work with someone who will produce beautiful images. A larger budget in this area also may allow you to hire a videographer for your wedding. Then you’ll have an incredible short film with all the highlights of this important day. 

3. Splurge on the Details

The little details make your wedding unique to you, and spending a little more can make all the difference. For example, do get that extra special and unique sign-in book. Do splurge on the bridal party table decor or your sweetheart’s table decor. Do design a stunning wedding bouquet with all of your favorite flowers. Do spend a little more on the little details that make your wedding feel true to you!

Save Money on Your Wedding by Booking North Lake Tahoe Event Center

As you review your budget and decide where to implement money-saving wedding tips, you don’t have to compromise on an amazing venue. You can stay within budget and book a great venue at North Tahoe Event Center. 

Our goal is to create the best experience for our clients while also being mindful of their finances. If you’re ready to discuss the details, get in touch today! We’ll schedule a tour of our venue and discuss how to make it work with your budget.