Are you considering celebrating your wedding on a weekday? While Saturday and Sunday weddings are most popular, weekday weddings add an element of fun to an otherwise traditional celebration. Keep reading to learn the best day for a wedding during the week in Lake Tahoe and tips for planning your celebration!

Is It Rude to Have a Weekday Wedding?

Before we dive into the details, let’s get something straight: it’s not rude to have your wedding on a weekday! It’s true that from a practical standpoint, a weekend wedding allows out-of-town guests to travel without taking too much time off work. And local guests can celebrate without worrying about getting up early for work the next day. But just because a wedding during the week might be a bit more inconvenient doesn’t mean it’s inconsiderate or rude. 

The key is to communicate to your guests why you’re choosing a weekday wedding and do everything you can to ensure an exceptional guest experience. (We’ll talk more about how to do that here in a bit).

10 Amazing Perks of Weddings on Weekdays

While potentially inconvenient for some guests, weekday weddings offer tons of benefits for couples that often make it worth it, such as: 

  1. Cost Savings: Weekday weddings can be a real budget-saver. Many venues and vendors offer lower rates during the week as these dates are less popular, meaning you can have your dream wedding without breaking the bank.
  2. Availability: Your favorite venue or vendor may be booked up every weekend for months. Opting for a weekday could mean snagging that dream location or coveted caterer.
  3. Intimacy: Weekday weddings often result in smaller guest lists. This means you can create a more intimate atmosphere where you can spend quality time with your closest loved ones.
  4. Flexibility: With less traditional timing, you’ve got more freedom to plan your day just how you want it. From the sequence of events to the duration of the party, a wedding on a weekday offers more flexibility.
  5. Unique Experience: Since most people are used to weekend weddings, a weekday celebration offers a unique experience. It’ll be a wedding your guests remember!
  6. Extended Celebrations: With a weekday wedding, you can extend your celebrations into the weekend. This is great for post-wedding brunches or family gatherings.
  7. Less Stress: Because weekdays are less popular for weddings, there’s likely to be less stress and rush. You won’t be competing with several other couples getting married at the same time.
  8. Honeymoon Savings: Traveling for your honeymoon? Leaving on a weekday can also help you snag deals on flights and hotels, adding to your overall savings.
  9. Vendor Attention: With fewer events on weekdays, your vendors can give you their undivided attention. This can result in better service and a smoothly run event.
  10. Anniversary Celebrations: Celebrating your anniversary will be unique, too. It can be fun to take the day off work and have a mid-week celebration each year to reminisce about your special day.

The Details of Planning a Weekday Wedding

If you love the idea of a weekday celebration, let’s dive into the details to decide the best day for a wedding on a weekday in Lake Tahoe. 

Monday Weddings


  • Weekend lead-up: You have the weekend just before to finalize preparations. This allows for any last-minute adjustments or changes, ensuring everything is perfect for your big day.
  • Cost-effective: It’s one of the least popular days to marry, so you might snag some serious bargains.


  • Guest attendance: It might be difficult for guests to attend due to it being the start of the workweek. (Or they might not have an issue taking a long weekend!)
  • Vendor availability: Some vendors might be less available as they recover from weekend events.

Planning Tips: Be sure to send invites well in advance and consider an evening ceremony to accommodate working guests. Also, check with your vendors about their Monday availability and ability to deliver quality service after a potentially busy weekend.

Tuesday Weddings


  • Availability: Vendors are likely recovered from the weekend and ready to give their best.
  • Pricing: You may get even better deals than on a Monday. This is because Tuesdays are often less in demand, prompting vendors to offer more competitive rates to secure bookings.


  • Attendance: Some guests may not be able to take time off work. While taking Monday off gives your guests a long weekend, taking Tuesday off might not be as feasible. 
  • Shortened celebration: Being early in the week might affect the party atmosphere — some guests might leave earlier than they would normally if they have to get up for work the next day. 

Planning Tips: Opt for late afternoon or evening ceremonies to allow more guests to attend. To keep the mood lively, consider engaging entertainment options and a dynamic music playlist.

Wednesday Weddings


  • Mid-week charm: A midweek wedding can offer a memorable break from routine. It provides a delightful interlude in your guests’ usual schedules, adding an element of excitement to their week.
  • Choices: You’re likely to have a wider choice of vendors and locations, especially if you’re getting married in Lake Tahoe. 


  • Guest convenience: Some guests might find a midweek event challenging to attend.
  • Party spirit: People may be less inclined to party hard on a Wednesday if they have to get up for work the next day.

Planning Tips: Send save-the-dates early and consider a fun, casual theme to keep the mood light and celebratory. You could even incorporate a “hump day” theme for added novelty!

Thursday Weddings


  • Weekend proximity: Being close to the weekend, it may be easier for guests to take a long weekend from work to attend.
  • Weekday benefits: You’ll still benefit from weekday pricing and availability!


  • Work commitments: Some guests might need to leave work early or take the next day off — if they’re unable to do so, they might not be able to attend. 
  • Celebration cut short: Guests might not be able to stay for the entire reception if they need to relieve a babysitter or get home at a certain time.

Planning Tips: A late afternoon or evening wedding could accommodate more guests. Starting with a relaxed cocktail hour can set a festive tone and help guests transition from work mode.

Friday Weddings


  • Festive mood: It’s the start of the weekend, so most people will be ready to celebrate (and are more likely to be able to get the day off work if needed)!
  • Extended celebrations: You’ll have the whole weekend to continue the celebration or recover.


  • Pricing: Venues and vendors might start charging weekend rates. However, by planning ahead and negotiating effectively, you could secure a more reasonable price even on high-demand days.
  • Work schedules: Some guests may still have work commitments.

Planning Tips: Plan for an evening ceremony and reception to allow guests time to wrap up their work week. You could also consider extending the celebrations over the weekend with a post-wedding brunch or casual gathering.

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