Fall Wedding Tips, Fall Wedding Trends, Fall Wedding Ideas, Fall Wedding Decorations, Fall Wedding Colors, Fall Wedding Themes

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You don’t want to miss autumn in Lake Tahoe. With the cooler temperatures rolling in and the sun still shining bright, it is the perfect time of year to have a North Lake Tahoe wedding. The summer tourists have gone home, but the hiking trails and incredible views are as beautiful as ever. Plus, there are countless activities for you and your wedding guests to enjoy during their stay. If a Lake Tahoe wedding in the fall sounds like a dream come true, read on for our best fall wedding tips and ideas. 

Fall Wedding Trends and Planning Tips for an Unforgettable Autumn Celebration

There are many ways you can capitalize on the season and bring elements of fall into your special day. Whether you’re thinking of incorporating fall wedding themes or just looking for fun fall wedding decorations to spice up your celebration, we have numerous ideas for you. Here’s how you can have the Lake Tahoe autumn wedding of your dreams.

3 Fall Wedding Themes Your Guests Will Love

1. Autumn Harvest

Leaning into the offerings of the season, consider an autumn harvest fall wedding theme. Make it complete with a menu of seasonal food and fall wedding decor, including corn stalks, gourds, pumpkins, and foliage. Using seasonal flowers would create a stunning autumn harvest wedding vibe.

2. Spooky Season

With Halloween right around the corner, use elements of the popular holiday as a fun way to celebrate your wedding. Even if you don’t go all out with scary decorations or costumes, a few little spooky touches here and there can make for a fun fall wedding theme.

3. “Fall” in Love or “Season of Change”

Using wedding signs with fall sayings on them and colorful leaves in your florals, centerpieces, and decor can provide a sweet setup for your big day. Capitalize on the changing season in your life and create a fall wedding theme around it!

Fall Wedding Tips, Fall Wedding Trends, Fall Wedding Ideas, Fall Wedding Decorations, Fall Wedding Colors, Fall Wedding Themes

Photo Credit: Ciprian Photography

3 Fall Wedding Colors for the Perfect Autumn Vibe

1. Rust or Terracotta

Various shades of orange are among the best fall wedding colors. The tones match the variety of colors seen in fallen leaves making for a picture-perfect autumn wedding. 

2. Shades of Green

To compliment the natural shades of orange and yellows that decorate the fall season, greens ranging from sage to olive can really make your wedding pop. Using green details or fully leaning into the shades of green can enhance the liveliness of your fall wedding decor.

3. Burgundy

You can’t go wrong with burgundy–a classic take on fall wedding colors. This deep and stunning shade of red ties in with fall vibes while keeping your wedding decor classy and elegant.

3 Fall Wedding Decorations to Bring Your Venue to Life

1. A Classy Take on Seasonal Decor

We all know that pumpkins, rich colors, and scented candles are the hallmark items people think of when decorating for the season. So why not incorporate these elements into your fall wedding decorations? Add pumpkins, but make it classy!

2. Incorporate Fall Foliage

There are many incredible seasonal flowers available in autumn that make for beautiful fall wedding decorations. Using mums, sunflowers, and pampas grass to enhance your altar, centerpieces, and other elements around your event will truly bring in the fall spirit.

3. Rustic Vibes

Wooden elements, when incorporated with beautiful florals and fall colors, make the feeling of autumn apparent at an event. Bringing in rustic vibes with wooden structures or antique pieces can help enhance your fall wedding decorations.

Fall Wedding Tips, Fall Wedding Trends, Fall Wedding Ideas, Fall Wedding Decorations, Fall Wedding Colors, Fall Wedding Themes

Photo Credit: Ciprian Photography

3 Fun Fall Wedding Ideas

1. Set a Dress Code

Whether you’re going with a spooky season theme or just happen to be having a fall wedding, asking your guests to adhere to a specific dress code is a fun idea. Give guests a color scheme to incorporate into their wedding attire. It can spice up the vibe of your wedding and the wedding photos.

2. Get Festive with Drinks and Desserts

Bring on the fall vibes with an autumn-themed drink and/or dessert menu! Including beverages like a hot toddy, hot buttered rum, or even a pumpkin spice white hot chocolate can be fun beverages to offer guests on a cool autumn evening. 

3. Freshly Harvested Wedding Gifts

As a “thank you” to your guests for attending your special day, consider gifting them something aligned with the autumn season. Some ideas include freshly harvested, seasonal fruits made into jams or marmalades from a local Lake Tahoe farm.

3 Outdoor Fall Wedding Ideas

1. Warm Up in Style

Cool fall evenings are highly sought after following a long hot summer. While the cooler weather provides some relief, you want to make sure your guests are cozy throughout the evening. A lounge area with small fire pits, heat lamps around your cocktail tables, and blankets on the back of chairs are excellent outdoor fall wedding ideas.

2. Enjoy the Outdoors

Everyone loves fall weather, so why not spend as much time outdoors at your wedding as possible? Incorporating lawn games like cornhole or bocce ball into the reception is a great way to keep your guests entertained and enjoying the weather.

3. Get Creative

An outdoor fall wedding lends itself to natural autumn decor, so consider playing into it. Add hay bales with a blanket for additional seating or corn bundles for some fun fall wedding decor. Utilize the real, natural aspects of fall to decorate your dream autumn wedding.

3 Indoor Fall Wedding Ideas

1. Bring the Outdoors Inside

With all the beautiful, changing colors that create the autumn landscape, don’t be afraid to go all out with florals and natural pieces to bring the seasonal beauty indoors. Lots of flowers, branches, and other natural decor elements can truly bring the outdoors inside. 

2. Set up a Photo Opportunity

Consider setting up a fall-themed photo booth for your guests using beautiful foliage and fall wedding decorations. Include a fun fall bouquet, some pumpkins to pose with, and maybe even some hay bales to sit on. 

3. Create a Cozy Atmosphere

One of the best parts of fall is that the temperatures are cooling down–it’s “sweater weather” and time to curl up by the fire with a good book. Let your favorite things about fall inspire your indoor wedding and create a cozy atmosphere. Choose a wedding venue with a fireplace or rustic elements, create a seating area with couches and comfortable chairs, incorporate smells that make you think of fall–like apple pie and cinnamon–have a hot chocolate station and a pie bar for dessert. The list goes on of fall wedding ideas to make it an unforgettable autumn celebration.

Bring These Fall Wedding Tips and Themes to Life with a North Lake Tahoe Fall Wedding

If you love these fall wedding themes and want to enhance your autumn celebration with creative fall wedding ideas, you need a wedding venue ready and willing to make your dream event a reality. 

North Tahoe Event Center is the perfect place for a fall wedding in Lake Tahoe. You can still get married right on the lake while enjoying the cool fall weather. Or, take advantage of our indoor spaces while still having access to stunning views of the lake. 

With great hikes, restaurants, and amenities nearby, your guests will have the best autumn getaway in addition to attending your beautiful wedding. Contact North Tahoe Event Center to start planning your fall wedding today!