Call To Artists

The North Tahoe Public Utility District is looking for artists for the 2019 calendar year.  Artist exhibitions are needed to fill the lobby of the North Tahoe Event Center where they will on be display for purchase.  Local and regional artists are welcome to apply, two-dimensional work only.

Applicants are required to email 5 digital images of artwork similar to what they would like to display at the NTEC.  Wall space is divided into 8 potential displays for artists with varying widths. 

How to Apply:

Call (530) 546.7249 



Current Exhibits

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Mark Hammon Photography Exhibit on Display

The art of local Reno artist, Mark Hammon, is now displayed at the North Tahoe Event Center and will remain in the Center until a new artist is chosen. Mark’s photography is the culmination of his love and appreciation of nature and the world around us, his visual acuity, and a strong interest in technology.

Past Exhibits

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Wild Encounters Photography
Through June 30, 2009

William Cooper and JoAnn Lippert are a husband and wife team from Nevada. They have traveled the world combining their passion for adventure travel and photography. Their passion for mountain climbing, trekking and white water rafting has taken them to all corners of the earth including The Kingdom of Mustang, India, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Laos, and countries in South America, Africa and Europe. They have lived with stone-age people in Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

North Tahoe Event Center Begins Rotating Art Exhibits

The North Tahoe Event Center has partnered with North Tahoe Arts and the Art in Public Places program to provide rotating art exhibits available to the public. The Center hopes to provide a more inviting atmosphere through the showing of artwork with a connection to the North Tahoe Community, either through the artist or content of the work. By rotating the artwork, the Center also hopes to provide a reason for members of the community to come to the Center that might not otherwise have a reason to do so.