Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue in North Lake Tahoe

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Are you ready to book your wedding venue in Lake Tahoe but want to make sure you cover all the bases in your inquiry phone call? If so, this blog is for you! Below we have detailed the 14 most important questions to ask your wedding venue before you book. Read this list thoroughly to find the confidence to make that initial phone call and ensure you get all your questions answered. 

14 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue in Lake Tahoe before Booking

There are some essential questions to ask venues before committing to your dream wedding venue in North Lake Tahoe. Here’s what to inquire about as you browse websites and call various venues in the Tahoe area. 

1. Are You Available on My Wedding Date?

This is the first question to ask your wedding venue in Lake Tahoe before booking. If they don’t have your wedding date available, there’s no need to continue asking questions unless you’re willing to change your date. We recommend having a few dates in mind, so you don’t miss out on your dream venue due to availability. 

At North Tahoe Event Center, we’re open for weddings year-round. The sooner you secure your wedding date with us, the better! Contact us today to chat about your wedding and learn what spaces are available. 

2. What is the Venue Rental Fee?

Once you know a wedding venue in North Lake Tahoe is available, it’s time to discuss the budget. Keep in mind that your venue will take a large chunk of your budget. Make sure to ask what the venue rental fee is for different spaces within the venue and what’s included in the price. 

At North Tahoe Event Center, we have affordable indoor and outdoor spaces couples can rent for their dream wedding celebration. 

Timberline Room

  • $3,100 – $5,700 in May through October
  • $2,400 – $4,400 in November through April 

Lakeview Suite

  • $3,400 – $6,300 in May through October
  • $2,900 – $4,400 in November through April

Entire Venue

  • $6,000 – $8,700 in May through October
  • $4,500 – $7,000 in November through April

*Prices are subject to change; please check our website for the most updated pricing!

3. What’s Included in the Rental Fee?

When looking into the venue fee, be sure to inquire about what the rental includes. This will vary for every venue, and gathering this information is necessary to prioritize your budget accordingly. 

When you book North Tahoe Event Center as your wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, you get quite a few amenities included in the rental fee. We provide round banquet tables and chairs to accommodate your guests during the reception. We also have tables to hold the wedding cake, gifts, and surfaces for the DJ and their equipment. We also provide a dance floor and portable bar to use in any of our venue spaces to enhance your wedding day.

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue in North Lake Tahoe

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4. How Many People Can Your Venue Accommodate?

Choosing your perfect wedding venue in North Lake Tahoe includes making sure your venue can accommodate all your wedding guests. If you already know the number of people you’re inviting, this is one of the most important questions to ask your wedding venue.

At North Tahoe Event Center, we have floorplans to accommodate up to 300 guests! We are always happy to chat with you and find the best venue setup to accommodate your needs.

5. Are There Guest Accommodations On-Site or Nearby?

Now that you’ve ensured your venue can accommodate your friends and family, it’s important to figure out where they’ll stay. Some venues, like hotels, have guest rooms or other on-site lodgings, while others may recommend accommodations nearby. 

Kings Beach has many incredible guest accommodations near North Tahoe Event Center. After years of hosting weddings, we’ve come to learn about the best lodging in the area for your friends and family. Whether you prefer a big hotel, a quaint bed and breakfast, or a quirky AirBnB, our staff has great recommendations.

6. What Additional Services/Amenities Do You Offer?

When thinking about questions to ask your wedding venue, this is another important one. In addition to physical items, learning what services or amenities are available to you on your wedding day is vital. This varies by venue, and asking this question will help you prioritize your budget and make necessary changes.

North Tahoe Event Center provides indoor and outdoor ceremony and reception spaces, a unique and desirable amenity for wedding venues in North Lake Tahoe. We also offer access to our friendly staff, who are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring your wedding day runs smoothly. Not to mention our scenic photo opportunities on the lake, towering pine and cedar trees decorating our outdoor spaces, and an incredible lakefront ceremony view to enhance your wedding experience.

7. What’s Not Included in the Contract That Needs to be Booked Separately?

On the other hand, it is also important to determine what is not included in the contract that you’ll need to book with another vendor. You can also ask the venue coordinator if they have vendor recommendations for these additional services. 

At North Tahoe Event Center, we provide quite the setup for our lovely couples, but there are a few services that aren’t included in your rental package. Our couples typically use other vendors for florals, decorations, drinks, a DJ, and signage. Most wedding venues in Lake Tahoe require couples to book these services separately.

8. What Type of Restrictions Do You Have?

Continue to fine-tune the expectations of a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe by inquiring about any restrictions. Common restrictions may include the type of drinks allowed, max volume or time when it comes to your music, or off-limit areas at the venue. Inquiring about these restrictions will help you decide if the venue can accommodate all of your wedding day needs.

For example, as a California government agency, we can not sell alcohol at North Tahoe Event Center. Every wedding is “BYO,” and couples must supply liability insurance naming the Event Center as additionally insured. This typically costs around $150. 

9. Do You Offer On-Site Catering/Can I Use My Owner Caterer?

Common questions to ask your wedding venue include questions about meals and catering. Some venues offer on-site catering, making the booking process much more manageable. Others may not have a caterer on-site but partner with a local caterer. Other venues may not have any affiliations regarding meals, which would allow you to book your own caterer. 

While it varies for each wedding venue in Lake Tahoe, at North Tahoe Event Center, we partner with Roundabout, which provides discounted catering for couples. If our clients would like to use a different caterer, we charge an additional $15/guest. This allows clients to save on catering through our partnership or choose their own caterer if they desire a specific cuisine. 

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue in North Lake Tahoe

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10. Do You Have a List of Preferred Lake Tahoe Vendors?

A great question to ask your wedding venue is if they have a list of preferred vendors they like to work with. By inquiring about and using local vendors, you can be confident you’re working with quality people who provide quality services. You may also receive a discount if you work with suggested vendors. 

At North Tahoe Event Center, we have a lovely list of vendors that do excellent work. We know and trust these service providers and are confident they’ll help you have a spectacular wedding day.

11. Who Will be the Main Point-of-Contact at the Venue on the Day Of?

Another vital question to ask a venue is who will be your main point of contact. Developing rapport with this person before or on your wedding day is essential to the success of venue logistics. 

North Tahoe Event Center is not only equipped with incredible service staff, but we also have our highly knowledgeable wedding specialist, Cathy, on-site. Cathy is the go-to person for our couples should they have any questions concerning the venue. Having a wedding venue specialist on-site provides such relief for our clients, and we always establish a positive relationship from the start. 

12. Do You Have an On-Site Wedding Planner?

Occasionally a wedding venue in North Lake Tahoe will provide an on-site wedding coordinator. Inquiring about this early on is essential, so you can determine if you need to hire a wedding planner. 

North Tahoe Event Center does not have a planner on-site. While Cathy can help with things related to the venue, we recommend hiring a full-service wedding planner. You can check our preferred list of vendors to find some of the best wedding planners in the area. 

13. How Late Can the Party and Music Go?

While some places may stretch the rules a bit, California requires venues to stop playing music by 10:00 PM. You can always ask a venue about the option for a silent disco past 10:00 PM. 

Our venue is in Kings Beach, surrounded by other respected venues, event centers, and restaurants. Because of this, we abide by the California 10:00 PM rule. We encourage lots of fun and dancing until the cut-off time and happily provide a dance floor to keep the vibes high through the night. 

14. If the Wedding is Outdoors, What’s the Backup Plan for Bad Weather?

Choosing a wedding venue in Lake Tahoe means it’s crucial to be mindful of the weather. Mother Nature will have her way, so it’s essential to have a Plan B should the weather not cooperate on your big day. Asking about this feature is another to add to your list of questions to ask your wedding venue.

North Tahoe Event Center has indoor and outdoor spaces that can relieve stress and worry when it comes to the weather during your Lake Tahoe wedding. Our outdoor spaces also have room for party tents. This means our couples can continue their celebration outdoors with a handy backup plan in place.

Have More Questions to Ask North Tahoe Event Center? Let’s Chat!

Now that you know the 14 most important questions to ask a venue, you are ready to book your wedding venue in Lake Tahoe. While we may have already answered some of your questions in this blog, we know you may have more! Don’t hesitate to reach out and speak to our wonderful wedding specialist about our stunning lakefront wedding venue in North Lake Tahoe.